Tax Return Preparation

Tax Return Preparation by Indiana Tax Lawyers

As tax attorneys, Dutton Legal Group assists small businesses and sole proprietorships in all types of tax problems, including current and delinquent tax return preparation.

The IRS’s first requirement to be eligible for resolution of back taxes is “compliance.” Compliance means that you have filed every tax return that you are required to file.

Do You Have Unfiled Tax Returns?

In the case of old tax returns that were not filed, you can turn to us at Dutton Legal Group. Sometimes old tax information is lost, making it difficult or impossible for you to prepare returns.

With your consent, we can collect all wage and income information associated with your Social Security Number for old tax years, to make sure you include all income that must be included on your return.

Get Assistance with Current Tax Return Preparation

Not only do we prepare old tax years, Dutton Legal Group prepares current tax year returns, too.

The Internal Revenue Code is perhaps the most complex set of rules in the nation. As your business grows, the more complicated your tax situation may become. There is a good chance you are not taking advantage of the tax savings and strategies available to small businesses.

We ensure that our clients take full advantage of the tax exemptions, deductions, and credits. We meticulously track any changes in the tax law and advise our clients.

Reliable, Professional Tax Preparation

Gain the benefit of our experience and knowledge to avoid circumstances that make you prime for an IRS or state tax audit. We have prepared thousands of tax returns for our clients, getting them compliant under the law, reducing risk of audit, and maximizing benefits along the way.

Our tax attorneys will personally meet or discuss your particular situation and concerns. Contact Dutton Legal Group for expertly handled and affordable tax return preparation for your business.