Tax Debt Discovery – Indianapolis Tax Attorneys

Discovery is the term we give to determining the nature and scope of your tax problems. It is an important first step. Before we can solve what we need to solve, we must “discover” exactly how deep the tax problem goes.

We determine:

  • your unfiled tax returns
  • your unpaid balances
  • the status of your case
  • the date after which the IRS will no longer be able to collect any unpaid balances

Some information is learned through materials our clients give us. A lot of what we find is gained via our own detective work. With our client’s permission, we obtain IRS transcripts and records to understand how favorably or unfavorably the IRS views our client.

We can complete this task within two weeks or less and provide you with a final, written report detailing all of our findings.

What Does the IRS Know about You?

The Internal Revenue Service is continually gathering data about taxpayers. We help you find out what the IRS knows about you so you can resolve your tax problems once and for all.

If we uncover a problem, such as owing back taxes, under-reporting income, a year when no taxes were filed, or a technical error on the part of the IRS, we are able to get to the crux of it. We examine and analyze the information, and consider our client’s current financial status. Our attorneys are then able to construct the best resolution options for your situation.

Let Us Deal with the IRS

Communications with the IRS or the Indiana DOR can be confusing, even damaging to your case. Once you hire us, our tax attorneys deal with the IRS or state taxing administration, not you.

Very rarely do our clients ever have to talk or meet with someone at the IRS or Department of Revenue. Leave the talking to us: we know the federal and state tax system and laws backwards and forwards. We handle all correspondence with the federal or state taxing administration on your behalf.

We are Local Indiana Tax Attorneys with Affordable, Strategic Solutions

The discovery process helps us identify the underlying issues, develop a viable strategy, and effectively negotiate with the IRS to effectively put an end to the controversy.

If you’ve found yourself in a troubling situation that leaves you feeling worried or even fearful of the IRS, consulting a tax lawyer at our firm will be the best decision you can make.

Tax problems and penalties will not disappear and indeed they will expand over time. Yet if your problem is one that you can solve without us, we will tell you.

There is a solution to your tax problem. Let the tax attorneys at Dutton Legal Group start the tax debt discovery process and help you put an end to tax liability.