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Experienced Tax Attorneys Fighting For You

Are you in debt with the IRS, the Indiana Department of Revenue or a county taxing authority? Does your financial status make it difficult or impossible to pay your back or current taxes? Do you live outside of Indiana and need a genuine, experienced and highly ethical tax attorney to help you resolve your tax problem, wherever you live?

You will find it most advantageous to work with the Indianapolis attorneys at Dutton Legal Group.

There are effective and affordable solutions to your tax problem!

For both individuals and businesses, relating to both the IRS and state taxing administrations, our tax attorneys offer the following Tax Legal Services:

  • provide reports listing unfiled tax returns, unpaid tax debt, unpaid tax debt resulting from estimates of the taxing administrations, and the dates when tax debt can no longer be collected
  • prepare, review, and amend income tax returns
  • prepare extensions to file income tax returns
  • prepare financial statements for use in negotiating tax debt resolution
  • resolve tax debt by short-term payment plans, long-term payment plans, non-repayment, and reduced settlements
  • remove penalty charges (“penalty abatement”)
  • release bank account freezes, wage garnishments, Social Security garnishments, and intercepted payments
  • defend against personal liability for business tax debt
  • deal directly with Revenue Agents, Revenue Officers, and other collections representatives
  • defend audits/examinations
  • Release portions of tax refunds to spouses who would have their tax refunds taken because of the back taxes owed by their spouse
  • Remove liability of taxpayers where their back taxes should be solely paid by their current or former spouses
  • appeal incorrect taxing administration decisions
  • correct tax balances
  • close unnecessary business tax return filing requirements
  • get IRS and state taxing administration approval to sell or refinance real estate
  • Release and remove tax liens
  • represent taxpayers in Tax Court
  • help you set up your small business or sole proprietorship to be on financially sound footing with our Small Business Catalyst Program

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