Indiana Tax Attorneys

The Indianapolis tax attorneys at Dutton Legal Group focus exclusively on IRS (federal) and state tax problem resolution.

Our clients are Indiana business owners and self-employed people like you, for whom tax debt, tax garnishments and levies, audits and other tax troubles can mean thousands or millions of dollars are at stake.

Your Tax Problem Has a Solution.

Dutton Legal Group is ready to help solve it. To fully protect your assets and investments, experienced legal counsel is indispensable.

Tell us about your tax problems. Call us today at (800) 334-0255 for a free, confidential consultation regarding your tax issue.

We have successfully helped clients of all income levels with tax debts from a few thousand dollars to millions. Whether you need an experienced tax lawyer to remove a tax lien, defend you in a tax audit, negotiate a settlement with the IRS, represent your interests in court, or simply assist with the paperwork and process of tax preparation, we can help you.

Our tax legal services include:

Dutton Legal Group will provide you with the best possible client service, quickly and effectively resolve your tax problems, while keeping your legal expenses as reasonable as possible.


“You guys are exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, and I will recommend you to everyone I meet or know with tax trouble. You guys are heaven sent.”


“We are very grateful the Dutton Legal Group took on our tax dilemma. We went from hopeless to hopeful within our first ten minutes!”


“Staff and attorney top notch. Would never go anywhere else!”


“I always feel comfortable, whether on the phone or in the office. Seems like you’re dealing with a friend that will steer you right.”

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What fees do you charge?

It depends. The consultation with our attorney is free, no obligation. The attorney will go over your particular situation with you in detail, advise you of your options, and he'll inform you of our proposed fee by determining the work that we will need to do to help resolve your tax problem.

Do you prepare tax returns?

Yes, we do. The fee to prepare the return depends on the complexity of the return, so you'd need to speak to our attorney about rates.

What can I do if the IRS denied my dependent claim?

Schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys and he'll go over your particular situation with you in detail & advise you of your options.

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