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If you have a tax lien on your home and you want to sell or refinance it, Dutton Legal Group can help you.
Lien subordination is when the IRS agrees to take a secondary position on your home’s title, so that you can sell or refinance your home when the IRS has filed a tax lien that has attached to your home. Without lien subordination, you may be unable to refinance or sell your home when you owe taxes.

Dutton Legal Group has successfully brokered lien subordinations for our clients, lowering their IRS debt and putting them in a better financial situation going into the future.

Lien release is when the IRS agrees to release a federal tax lien that appears on your credit report due to unpaid taxes. An IRS tax can stay on your credit report, even if you have paid all of your taxes, if the IRS has not released its tax lien. Further, even if you still owe taxes, the IRS may release its tax lien, if you request a lien release and the IRS grants it.

Dutton Legal Group has successfully released liens based on payment of tax debt and even when the underlying taxes remained unpaid, improving our clients’ credit scores in the process.


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