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The IRS and state taxing agencies audit (i.e. examine) tax returns to make certain the resulting tax calculations are correct. The IRS systematically and randomly selects tax returns for audit. Systematically, the IRS checks income information reported under your Social Security Number to make certain all income is reported on your tax return. If income is not reported on your tax return, the IRS will likely select your return for audit. Randomly, the IRS selects returns of small business owners, high income earners, and those returns with atypical deductions to audit. We recommend that you immediately take action if you receive notification from the IRS or state taxing agency that your tax return is under audit.

Dutton Legal Group has successfully defended both IRS and state taxing agency audits, significantly reducing actual and potential tax liabilities in audits involving income tax, corporate tax, withholding (payroll) tax, sales tax, food and beverage tax, trucking taxes, and state unemployment taxes. Moreover, we have reduced and/or eliminated any personal interaction between the taxpayer and the IRS or state taxing agency representative auditing their tax return.


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