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Dutton Legal Group LLC
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Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: (800) 334-0255
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We are experienced tax attorneys focused exclusively on IRS and state tax problem resolution.

We strive to provide you the best possible client service, quickly and effectively resolving your tax problem, while keeping your legal expenses as reasonable as possible.

We've successfully helped clients of all ages and income levels, with tax debts from a few thousand dollars to millions. Whether you need an experienced tax attorney to represent your interests in court, or just help with the paperwork and process of tax preparation, we can help you.

Many other tax problem resolution companies employ commissioned salespeople, who make promises, like settling your IRS debt for “pennies on the dollar,” to try to lure you to hire their companies for their most expensive services. We are a law firm with Indiana attorneys; our advertising and conduct are regulated by The Supreme Court of Indiana. We are forbidden from offering you guaranteed results or using misleading advertising. We provide you with realistic solutions and expectations. We are trying to help you, not “sell” you

If you are facing a tax difficulty, it is likely that your financial circumstances are already strained. Not only do we offer a free, no-obligation consultation to determine what solutions we can offer you, we offer monthly payment plans to pay our fees. If you cannot afford to pay our fees in full at the start, or want to try us for a portion of your case before committing to hire us for all necessary services, don’t worry: we understand your situation and offer monthly payment plans to accommodate you.

We won’t surprise you with fees either. Other than Tax Court representation, all of our services are billed to you as a “flat-fee.” We don’t charge you by the hour, we charge you by the service you hire us to perform.  Unless a new service is required and you agree to hire us to perform it, your fee won’t change, no matter how much time it takes us to complete it.

Some tax problem resolution companies offer monthly payment plans to pay their fees, but don’t start working until you have paid their entire fee. Not us. We start work on your case as soon as we receive your first payment. A quick start is usually needed to resolve tax problems. This quick start is a huge difference between our payment plans and many other companies’ payment plans.



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